"Film My Event" by Wild Faith Journey LLC

Do you have one of those special events that you wish you could just freeze in time and relive anytime you want? From birthdays to graduation parties, and weddings to pretty much anything you'd like to deem a "special event"! We can capture that moment in time and also give it the artistic and epic feel that moment deserves! Utilizing professional editing software, matched with epic royalty-free background music and our cutting-edge footage captured through the use of action cameras, DSLR, and even drone footage (some exclusions apply)! We don't just record the event, we use filming principles to capture professional shots from angles that matter because we know the importance of capturing not just a moment, but a feeling as well!

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Fill out the contact form below and include what you want me to film and any project perimeters and I'll be in touch shortly with a quote :) Or if you are looking for real estate photography/videography or aerial footage services click this link, and you'll be directed to Arise Drone Professionals LLC!

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