The Modern Day Homesteader

The Modern Day Homesteader

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     An old-school expression of life and way of doing things is reemerging and  its sweeping across our world! I am talking about modern day homesteading!

     Homesteading is not just going into the unknown world and building an off grid and independent existence, which is what comes to mind for most people. What I am referring to is the embodiment of a mindset of clearly independent pursuits. It enables individuals to live life on their own terms without being dependent on any one controlling political or ideological force. These forces are ever growing and overreaching in the world!


     The mindset of making your own choices and taking responsibility for your own success and failure is foundational for any worth while endeavor. Individuals throughout history have pursued new worlds, inventions and created amazing works of art by this foundation. Today there is an ever present pursuit by overreaching governments, schools, corporations and big tech to bury and censor individuals with  this type of foundational thinking. This should concern everyone of us!



     Homesteaders are the reason for every town, city and nation on the planet because they turned the first page of each one of those stories. Every successful homesteader throughout history shared this fiercely independent foundation. Modern day homesteaders are the small business owners, the ranchers and farmers, the home schoolers, the inventors, preppers and boondockers of the world. They are anyone who feels the desire to set out on their own, to pursue whatever their dreams may be.




     They don't let the fear of failure stop them, but instead own any failures that they encounter and use them as catalysts to further grow. They embody the same foundational thinking and character of those original homesteaders. That's who this site is for, the modern day homesteader!

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