Fifth Wheel Family

Fifth Wheel Family

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     About seven months ago Britt and I came to the conclusion that God had big changes in mind for us. We both felt that God had been preparing each of us in our own ways to grow in specific areas. For Britt this started with God calling her to give more attention to minimalism and organization at home. She started watching minimalism videos and implementing the things she had learned. We all came to appreciate the relief that was afforded by getting rid of stuff that we just didn’t need. It really is astounding how much stress that just owning stuff can add to our plate! Its apparent when you get rid of stuff though because of the immediate relief that comes after you offload a bunch of stuff.  Her practice with this had started about six months before the big changes that God was preparing us for.

     About a year before this ominous and exciting big change, I had the absolute joy of being furloughed for a limited time from work! This was as a result of new implementations and restructuring of the railroad. This was awesome because class 1 railroad life is fairly grueling for anyone who has ever done it and for their families! Prior to the news of the furlough, I had been working on call 24/7 and was averaging about 55 to 60 hours a week of work not counting the time commuting and staying in hotels away from my family. I was averaging only 30 hours a week at home, I was needing a break and God knew it. God knew I needed a sabbatical because he was about to re-direct my whole life!

     While off from work, not only did we get the entire back yard remodeled but we also got blessed with a long road trip and a whole month at the family farm in Minnesota. God used this time to show me not only my capabilities but also gave me revelation on just how much I missed out on while being away from my family so often.


   On the trip back from the farm God inspired me even more and tugged on my heart to go visit an indirect cousin and friend in Montana, that I hadn’t seen since before we both had become adults with families. Our short visit was long overdue, and inspired me in all the right ways that God knew I and my family desperately needed! My cousin had been pursuing life in an independent and faith filled way. He and his wife provided encouragement and guidance that stirred inspiration in me!


     The moment I left my cousins house to return back home I knew where God wanted me to focus. He wanted me to focus on finances, investing and educating myself in whatever could lead to me leaving the railroad. He wanted to provide me with the understanding to steward better, the life He entrusted me with! I knew in my heart that I could bless others through this knowledge one day. From that moment on I started to read books, listened to podcasts, started investing in the stock market, to practice what I had been learning. I also put a great deal of time into balancing our personal finances and growing my knowledge of accounting. The most important area I put focus and study into was His written word because I knew that it would be the cornerstone of it all!

       After almost a year of study, God brought me to an understanding out of the blue, while I was studying his word. He wanted us to sell our house and move into a fifth wheel and park it on my parent’s property. I don't know how to explain it fully but I knew in that moment that He wanted this for us and I had in that same moment total peace about it. This would lead us to what He had been preparing us for. I was excited and immediately brought this news to Britt who looked at me and said “that’s why He has been making me so focused on minimalism!” After the conclusion of that conversation Britt and I immediately brought it up to my parents who said they would love to have us on the property.

     Four months from the quiet time where God gave me insight into our future we not only purchased a used fifth wheel but also remodeled that used fifth wheel. We prepared a space to park it at my parents property, sold our house and moved out to my parents! And just like that we became a fifth wheel family! We had no clue what was next for certain but we knew absolutely what He wanted us to know! So we pursued that piece of the puzzle because that the only piece He entrusted us with for that moment. God sometimes calls us to do crazy wild things. He doesn’t always give us all the details, but the important thing to remember is that He knows the details! He wants us to have Wild Faith!


Mathew 6:26-27 NKJV

26 Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they? 27 Which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature?


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