Faith, Family, Homestead - The secrets to success in life

Faith, Family, Homestead - The secrets to success in life

Faith, Family and Homestead. These three things are center stage in every truly successful person, and only in this order. The DAILY pursuit of these three things is the reason for success.


 Faith, because God is love and his way is the only way. Faith conquers all doubt, shame and fear. The holy word is the ultimate “how to” guide, for everything you have ever encountered, or ever will encounter. Jesus died for our ugliness and our sins. By recognizing the grace that covered our sins, we access the lens of humility needed to live a life of love. This lens is the most critical element to the stewardship of the next two things.  By reading the word we are able to keep the lens clear. Without this lens being clear, we will be blinded. It’s impossible to steward something that we don’t know exists because we can’t see it! We can’t use the excuse of ignorance for our failures, because ignorance is a choice. If you don’t agree with me you might need to clean your lens, it’s got something nasty on it…


2 Timothy 1:7 ESV

for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.


Family, because God didn’t intend for us to do life alone. Its through our family that we can see if our lens is clean, they will always directly reflect our own lens, and to us theirs.  Family is our group of people, that we choose to do life with, for Jesus this was the 12 disciples.  Active pursuit of family (which is hard work) provides perspective, it teaches us about our own humility. How healthy our relationships are, in our own family, directly correlates to how well we are stewarding those relationships. Our kids watch and learn from everything that we do, and in every way that we handle ourselves. They program their own foundational thinking structures of what’s right and wrong (subconsciously) around our reactions and interactions. Our spouses base their trust and view of us as being a safe space for their own vulnerability by our actions and reactions. Our friends justify their own acceptance of their own (interactions and reactions) by our example, and we do the same with theirs. Without a clear lens, we’re not pursuing our family with the true grace, humility and wisdom needed to steward our role successfully. When we steward our family with a clear lens, we teach our kids the importance of conduct, and they grow up knowing the importance of keeping their lens clean. Our spouse won’t doubt our interactions and reactions, and will feel safe around us, knowing that our love is from God. Our friends will encourage us, and we will encourage them!

"The greatest fine art of the future

will be the making of a comfortable

living from a small piece of land."

- Abraham Lincoln


Homestead, because its home, and it’s a direct reflection of our own unique ability’s. Adam and Eve were the first homesteaders, they lived off the land even before the fall. Homesteading is pursuing a life of our own choosing, making it the way we want it through wild faith, hard work and stewardship.  Our homestead is a reflection of our desires and comforts, but also a testament to our own creativity and independence. God designed us all to be incredibly capable, and how we steward our homestead reflects that. If we want to live in a suburb or a city than that’s our homestead, because it’s still a world of our own making. If we want to homeschool our kids, and have chickens in our back yard, that’s our homestead. If we want to milk goats or holsteins, raise beef and make our home our business, then that’s our homestead. Our homestead reflects how clear our lens is, and reflects our own desires. Homesteading encompasses where we choose to live, and what we choose to do with who we are, and what we want to get out of life. Homesteading is a lifestyle of recognizing our own capabilities and stewarding them, independently knowing very well that it’s our own choice, what we do with what we have! If we put our homestead (job, house, hobby…) over our family, then we will muddy our lens, and our life will be a sad and lonely one, and our homestead will reflect that.

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When we live our life actively pursuing Faith, Family and our Homestead than we will regularly be amazed at the blessings that will come! All three of these things are accessible to everyone, but all three require purposeful pursuit every day. All three of these things require us to embrace the principles of the early homesteaders and pioneers, which are humility, independence, hard work and perseverance. These are attributes of every successful person. So, let’s encourage each other and keep our lens clean, our family close and let’s make our homestead something great! We Got This!

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