Our Affiliate Links

Our Affiliate Links

Here are the Affiliate links of the brands I advertise with. I also use many of these brands myself and truly recommend the services they provide. 

As a Disclaimer if you click on any of these links and make a purchase I may make a commission. I appreciate your help in keeping Wild Faith Journey LLC growing! Thank You :)



I love Pit Boss Pellet grills! I regularly use Pit Boss pellet grills to smoke meat and these grills provide ultimate control over how much smoke and heat you are trying to get from them. They do this while being extremely affordable! 

Pitboss Grills


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Back Country is a Canadian outfitter that provide top quality and name brand outdoor gear such as North Face, Helly Hansen, Patagonia and Specialized! They also provide all kinds of climbing gear and apparel!




Brownells is an awesome company! I first learned about them in 2009 while selling Guns and reloading equipment at Huntingtons in Oroville. They provide all of the essentials for maintaining firearms and building new ones! they are an icon in the gun industry!





Collage.com allows you to make personalized products like calendars, photobooks, pillow cases and much more, using your own personal photo collection. Record those memories on gift-able items!





Fast Growing trees is a great company! I did a review on them in an earlier blog. They are a nursery that allows you to shop online and order your plants to be delivered to your doorstep. The plants come with a guarantee to last at least 30 days and they provide written instructions on the plants needs for planting. We love our little citrus tree we got from them!





Joel Grimes Photography offers you a chance to up your photography skills by taking their online courses, which are taught by Professional Photographers!



Joel Grimes Photography



I am usually pretty skeptical of sites that offer to pay you for taking questionnaires, however I found swagbucks through one of my partner networks and tried it out. It asks all sorts of questions and you get to choose what kind of questionnaire you would want to take with the reward being gift cards or cash. Its not super lucrative but the questions are simple enough that you could knock out a couple questionnaires while watching a show. It's definitely a simple way to earn some extra amazon cash!





Man Crates looks awesome and I am stoked to try them out! They have Knife building kits, sausage making kits and a bunch of other DIY cool stuff. I am planning on ordering one of the knife kits and so ill let you know how it goes!



Man Crates


If you , like me grew up loving the show peanuts and the inspiring notions of "Charlie Brown" , this is the store for you! Its the official Peanuts store!






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