The Impulse plant buyer

The Impulse plant buyer

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Have you ever impulse purchased a plant? Lol, you’re out shopping for something else and then some beautiful plant catches your eye, without thinking you throw it in the cart. Later, you get home and unload the car, and it strikes you that you don’t have any idea at all, what the plant might need to grow properly? I’ve had this happen too many times lol.

 I don’t Know if it’s the pleasant aesthetic of getting to plant something new or if it’s traced to something deeper, maybe some genetic marker passed down to me from my family’s long heritage in farming. Whatever it Is, I get a deep satisfaction from buying plants and making them flourish!

No matter how many plants I have attempted to plant and grow, I will always find more because God blessed us with so many plants on this earth!  Its important however that I try to be a good steward of whatever plant I buy. After all, I don’t want whatever I buy to die. When my wife and I first started to purchase plants for gardening, we often encountered scenarios of plant impulse buying that resulted in the demise of said plant. The reasons for failure, often were the result of not doing research beforehand, which caused us to buy plants at the wrong season or to care for the plant in the wrong way. In those early days we bought many plants from conventional stores instead of a plant nursery. When we did have the wherewithal to ask pertinent questions, the answers we received were not always correct.


We eventually figured out the best method to ensure a smart purchase was to buy from a nursery. At a nursery you get advice from legit plant pros! Our success rate grew as well as our personal knowledge of various types of plants and their specific needs. Before we knew it, both Britt and I became regular old green thumbs!

What happens though, when you don’t have a nursery nearby? Or what about if at the moment you’re reading this article you have just purchased a plant that you have no idea how to care for? The answer is! is a nursery that has a huge selection of all sorts of beautiful plants, and the best part is that you can shop right at home! You need indoor plants? They have them. Shade trees, landscaping shrubs, fruit trees, they have them all!

the goodies in our fastgrowing trees pack

You don’t have to worry about buying something that doesn’t grow in your area because you can shop plants by location! Once you submit your order, your plants will arrive in a few days. They will be packed securely and included will be all the pertinent information to make the plants thrive in their new home. They also will come with a guarantee for how long they will live, from the date opened. You really can’t beat that!

At you can access information about any of their plants and much more. Their blog is chalked full of good information on various “leaf head” topics. Britt and I were stoked when we found this site because we love growing our own food on our homestead on wheels, and the ease of makes it that much more attainable!

Our Broccoli plants

 Below you’ll find my affiliate links that take you to  As a disclaimer I will get a commission if you were to purchase something from them. I am writing this article because I’ve ordered from fast growing tree’s before and I love their products as well as the informative resources they provide.  Check out the site and let me know what you guys think!

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