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     “My Tribe” is an awesome resource for anyone with kids!   It’s a Christian organization that makes hilarious skits based on stories in the Bible. We really love their ability to engage anyone who is watching. Britt often promises to put an episode on as an incentive for the kids to get their home school done early! It works every time!

      We also regularly put My TRIBE on for the kids while on road trips because its entertaining for us to listen to along with the kids. They give their kid viewers challenges to create projects that are creative and thoughtful about the bible lessons covered in each episode. They encourage the kids to send their projects in to the website and the kids receive an opportunity to have their projects shown off in a later episode of their show. My kids have gotten this opportunity a couple of times and they were so inspired. They had a blast making their entries! We love “My TRIBE” and I hope you will as well!    

If you want to check out My TRIBE than click HERE.







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