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Gather Round Family

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     I love Gather Round!

     Gather Round Homeschool is a Christian curriculum that is written by Rebecca Spooner. Rebecca is a tried and true homeschool mom and a dedicated follower of Jesus Christ! Her love of Christ is apparent in all of her curriculum and in how she stewards her gifts of education. She provides regular encouragement to all of her followers and updates us through her social media.

     I personally love this homeschool curriculum and so does my wife! If you choose to use it then you will have to supplement a math curriculum from somewhere else like Abeka or Master Books, because math isn’t included. But you won’t be disappointed with Gather ‘Round Homeschool curriculum!

     I am very skeptical of most curriculum and it’s because of how much I struggled in school. I have been homeschooled twice, and I was in and out of six other schools by the time I got to high school. Curriculum issues (apparent to me) as a child included things like boring text with too much info, or easy to read text with not a lot of info. I remember the day that I realized the difference of education in a private school vs. a public school. It was during my second year of high school and I had just been handed a familiar looking textbook in my science class. It was familiar because it was the same book that I had been assigned in my 6th grade year in the private school I had previously attended! It astounded me back then, and still does today that there was an apparent four-year gap in private education vs. public!

     I would later go on to learn that this had more to do with a political inundation on educational theory than being from a result of public schools not having the same funding as private schools. Public schools are much larger and try to produce educational content that takes into account the lowest common denominator. This is a flawed model! Education is too important to hold back kids that would otherwise excel, because of a false belief that the kids who are struggling need watered down curriculum.

     I was that kid who struggled heavily in school and it was because of the unique way I learn, not because of the complexity of the content. I needed different not dumber! So even as a kid I knew that public education required the utmost scrutiny, private schools were expensive and still required scrutiny. As parents it’s our job to come along side our children and to learn about how they grow and how they struggle in their own beautifully unique ways. I am a homeschool parent because of this understanding and because of how important this pursuit is to me. Gather Round’s curriculum is awesome at providing a family education atmosphere. As I do home school with my wife and children, if one of my kids is struggling then I am able to see it and explore it because we are doing it together as a family! I am able to trust this curriculum because it’s Faith based and because I am learning along side my kids.  I love Gather ‘Round Homeschool and I hope you will too!


If you want to check out Gather Round then you can click HERE.


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